EW's 2023 pop culture holiday gift guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year... to shop!

<p>A24 / Mano

A24 / Mano's Wine / Disney

Let’s face it: Holiday shopping can be hard — especially for the people in your life who have everything. Luckily, Entertainment Weekly is here to help! We’ve compiled a list of fun gift ideas that are sure to delight all of your pop culture-loving friends and family. You might even find a little something special for yourself in the mix. Merry shopping!

99 Movie Crosswords

<p>A24</p> 99 Movie Crosswords


99 Movie Crosswords

Put the crossword puzzle enthusiast in your life to the test with this A24 book featuring 99 crosswords that range from easy to hard when it comes to both puzzle difficulty and movie IQ. Edited by film writer and puzzle creator Anna Shechtman, the crossword themes include stoner flicks, screwball comedies, Soviet cinema, and more!

Buy it! $34 at shop.a24films.com

Kermit Clogs for Adults by Crocs – The Muppets

<p>Disney</p> Kermit Clogs for Adults by Crocs


Kermit Clogs for Adults by Crocs

It’s not easy being green — but it’s a lot easier in these stylish Kermit the Frog Crocs, featuring the face of everyone’s favorite multi-hyphenate amphibian entertainer. They’re also waterproof, so they’re perfect for strutting the red carpet or stomping around in your local swamp. With these on your feet, you’ll be ready to play the music and light the lights.

Buy it! $65 at shopdisney.com

'Tina Turner: Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll' Box Set

<p>Warner Records</p>

Warner Records

Rhino’s colossal new box set, Tina Turner: Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, pays homage to the late legendary singer’s formidable solo career, boasting five LPs and 55 tracks, including hits like “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” “Private Dancer,” “We Don’t Need Another Hero,” and “I Don’t Wanna Fight.” For the diva lover on your list, it’s simply the best.

Buy it! $125 at store.rhino.com

' Yellowstone: The Official Dutton Ranch Family Cookbook'

<p>Insight Editions</p> 'Yellowstone' The Official Dutton Ranch Family Cookbook Gift Set'

Insight Editions

'Yellowstone' The Official Dutton Ranch Family Cookbook Gift Set'

Gabriel “Gator” Guilbeau — the real-life chef who runs craft services for the show and even has a role as the Dutton family’s personal cook on Yellowstone — whipped up this cookbook filled with over 55 mouth-watering recipes inspired by and featured in the TV series. From Rip’s Fry Bread With Scrambled Eggs and Bacon to Beth’s “Two Scoops of Ice Cream, Three Shots of Vodka” Smoothie and plenty of hearty Cajun dishes and cowboy grub in between, Gator’s cookbook is the ideal gift for Yellowstone fans. While you can buy the cookbook on its own ($21 at amazon.com), the gift set also includes a snazzyYellowstone-branded apron. Here's hoping your meals won't be quite as dramatic as the Dutton's.

Buy it! $36 at amazon.com

Build-a-Bear Furry Friends

<p>Build-A-Bear</p> 'Star Trek' Nebula Bear


'Star Trek' Nebula Bear

Build-a-Bear Workshop is always a reliable source for DIY critters, but the cuddly characters are the chain's beating heart. Along with an adorable Baby Yoda, Animal Crossing's Tom Nook and K.K. Slider, and even a Jack Skellington bear, there are plenty of online exclusives to the tune of Marvel, Star Trek, and more. Dress these stuffies in their signature garb or switch it up with your own pop culture combo.

Buy it! $14 and up

Harry Potter x Kitsch Satin Pillowcase - Owl Post

<p>Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.</p> Harry Potter x Kitsch Satin Pillowcase - Owl Post

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Harry Potter x Kitsch Satin Pillowcase - Owl Post

Special delivery for Potterheads! Kitsch’s satin pillowcases come in a variety of fun patterns, including this whimsical Harry Potter design. In addition to being cute, the satin covers will keep you cool while you sleep, help to fight skin creases, and prevent hair damage. Just like magic!

Buy it! 2-pack for $23 at mykitsch.com

Lego Avengers Tower

<p>LEGO</p> Lego Avengers Tower


Lego Avengers Tower

Lego fans, assemble. This massive replica of Avengers Tower boasts a whopping 5,201 pieces, featuring familiar heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch. Even better, it comes with a Lego version of Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, complete with a tiny baseball cap. It's a splurge, but totally worth it since you too can now reenact the Battle of New York — or yell at Lego Feige for killing off your favorite characters.

Buy it! $500 at lego.com (available starting on 11/24)

'Bridgerton: The High Society Game'

<p>Netflix</p> Bridgerton: The High Society Game


Bridgerton: The High Society Game

We might not ever get to attend a Regency ball in real life, but with Bridgerton: The High Society Game, we can at least play the dating game. Over the course of eight balls, you must dance, get to know potential prospects, and gain their affection — all while looking out for the perils of Lady Whistledown’s scandal sheet. Find the best match (a.k.a. the suitor with the most Desirability and Prestige points) and become the diamond of the season (and the winner of the game). Bonus points if it’s someone you burn for.

Buy it! $20 at walmart.com

'Midsommar' Incense Temple

<p>A24</p> Midsommar Incense Temple


Midsommar Incense Temple

The A24 shop is often stocked with limited-edition collectibles based on the studio’s many heralded films, and fans of Ari Aster’s Midsommar now have another shot at snagging the incense temple that sold out earlier this year. This mini replica of the tent ignited at the story’s climax comes with 10 Cremate London cones scented with cedarwood, chamomile, and patchouli.

Buy it! $45 at shop.a24films.com

'Spielberg: The First Ten Years' (Hardcover)

<p>Insight Editions</p> Spielberg: The First Ten Years Hardcover Book

Insight Editions

Spielberg: The First Ten Years Hardcover Book

Cinephiles will salivate over this comprehensive guide to Steven Spielberg’s first seven films. The book, written by the filmmaker’s frequent documentarian Laurent Bouzereau, covers generation-defining hits like Jaws and Raiders of the Lost Ark, as well as underseen early works like Duel and 1941. In addition to extensive interviews with Spielberg himself and the author’s thoughtful analysis of his movies, Spielberg: The First Ten Years is packed with gorgeous behind-the-scenes photos, publicity materials like posters and advertisements, and revealing documents from the movies’ productions, including copies of the director’s handwritten notes.

Buy it! $54 at amazon.com

Barbie Signature 'Ted Lasso' Dolls

<p>Mattel</p> Barbie Signature Ted Lasso Dolls


Barbie Signature Ted Lasso Dolls

AFC Richmond’s inspiring Coach Lasso, fierce team owner Rebecca Welton, and model-turned-PR-consultant Keeley Jones are leaving London for Barbie Land! Bringing together two beloved fandoms, these collectible dolls are not only the perfect way to commemorate three seasons of the feel-good Apple TV+ series but also perfectly capture each Ted Lasso character’s essence. We can only hope a Roy Kent doll is in the works!

Buy it! $50 each at amazon.com

Ultimate Warner Bros. Collectors 9 Pack


Mano's Wine


Manos Wine collaborated with Warner Bros. in celebration of the film studio's 100th Anniversary to create a special collection of nine beautifully etched, hand-painted wine bottles filled with a delicious, full-bodied California Cabernet Sauvignon and featuring iconic designs from movies such as The Wizard of Oz, Friday the 13th, Caddyshack, Casablanca, and more. Individual bottles of wine are also available for purchase. Cheers!

Buy it! $345 at manoswine.com

'Euphoria Fashion' by Heidi Bivens



This holiday season, immerse yourself in the neon hues, sky-high heels, and sequined ensembles of Euphoria Fashion. This gloriously colorful coffee table book by Euphoria costume designer Heidi Bivens dives deep into the visual references and stylistic choices that went into creating the one-of-a-kind looks featured on the HBO drama. From Rue’s signature laid-back style to Maddy’s “vamp” vibe, learn behind-the-scenes secrets from the cast members themselves and bask in the stunning photography.

Buy it! $60 at shop.a24films.com

Ahsoka Tano Lightsaber Toy Set



Fans of all ages can live out their own Star Wars fantasies with this pair of lightsabers featuring Ahsoka's bright white blades, motion-sensor sounds, and battle-clash rumble and dueling lightsaber effects. Though Ahsoka once said "Being a Jedi isn't about wielding a lightsaber," it certainly helps!

Buy it! $65 at shopdisney.com

'Diamonds and Pearls' (Super Deluxe Edition)

<p>Warner Bros.</p>

Warner Bros.

Was the Purple One ever not making music? The Super Deluxe Edition of 1991’s Diamonds and Pearls is the latest reissue to capture his insatiable quest for funky enlightenment. The staggering collection includes a remastered version of the multiplatinum album (featuring gems like “Cream,” “Gett Off,” and the swoony title cut), 47 unheard tracks, more than two hours of previously unreleased concert footage, and a 120-page book with never-before-seen photos. An embarrassment of riches, even by Prince standards.

Buy it! $350 at store.prince.com

Youtooz 'Heartstopper' — Hi Hi Pillow Plush

<p>Netflix</p> 'Heartstopper' plush pillow


'Heartstopper' plush pillow

Feel the love when you cuddle up with this sweet plush pillow featuring two conversation bubbles inspired by Heartstopper’s Charlie and Nick. We don’t know about you, but these two had us at “Hi.”

Buy it! $30 at netflix.com

Pop! Yourself



There's certainly no shortage of cute Funko Pops, but we’re guessing there’s one figurine most collectors are missing: a Pop of themselves! Now, you can easily give yourself — or someone you love — the Pop treatment. After creating a fully customized Funko figurine online, where you can pick hairstyles, clothing, interchangeable accessories, and even pets, you'll receive the one-of-a-kind toy in a Pop box with its custom name printed on the front. Everyone is a fan of something, er, themselves!

Buy it! $30 at funko.com

'Baldur’s Gate 3'

<p>Larian Studios</p> 'Baldur's Gate 3'

Larian Studios

'Baldur's Gate 3'

It’s like the Distracted Boyfriend meme. Games like Marvel’s Spider-ManAlan Wake IIStar Wars Jedi: Survivor, and Tears of the Kingdom are all the angry girlfriend who's seen you checking out Baldur’s Gate 3 for the zillionth time. No matter how many flashy AAA titles are placed in front of you, your mind wanders back to all those times you tried to seduce the cleric Shadowheart (according to the studio, more than half of 1.3 million players have done that already) or transformed into a sentient wheel of cheese (yep, 1.24 million players did that) in the Dungeons & Dragons-based role-playing game.

Buy it! $70 at playstation.com

4D Build - Harry Potter' Hogwarts Castle Model Kit Puzzle



If you're looking for a fun family activity over the holidays, look no further than his 209-piece puzzle kit featuring an incredibly detailed 3-D replica of Hogwarts Castle. From the turrets to the chambers and towers, it's a model Harry Potter fans will be proud to put on display once it's complete. No puzzle glue or tools are required.

Buy it! $40 at target.com

Paris HIlton's Be an Icon Collection



Paris Hilton famously asked on The Simple Life: “What is Walmart? Do they sell walls there?” Ironically, Hilton has now teamed up with the retailer for a new houseware collection, which features over 20 products, including tea kettles, mini-fridges, and more! The pink 10-piece non-stick clean ceramic nonstick cookware set even features gold heart-shaped knobs and comes with four pan protectors to keep your pots and pans scratch-free. Best of all, it’s affordable. Now that’s hot.

Buy it! $79 at walmart.com

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