Evoking Iraq's past with an antique restaurant

STORY: This renovated heritage house in Iraq has turned into a museum and restaurant

Location: Basra, Iraq

serving traditional Iraqi cuisine and classic Basra dishes

[Sadiq Hassoun, Owner of museum and restaurant]

“The house I got for the museum, it was run-down like these. I wanted to restore it, as it was when it was first built, so I chose specialized workers like carpenters and builders and showed them old pictures of houses with wooden windows and they restored it to what it was.”

‘Hassoun Museum’ aims to show how people once lived and the tools they used

It features Ottoman-style carved windowsills and rare antique furniture

[Hana Ali, Visitor]

“You feel relaxed when you come to places like this, because it is traditional and we see our heritage over the last 100 years, we see the reality of our ancestors, how they lived, their tools, clothes, and belongings. It is really beautiful.”