Evil Enlists Anna Chlumsky to Befriend ‘Grieving Kristen’ in Final Season; Nate Corddry and Christian Borle Also Cast

The mother of the antichrist is about to receive some much-needed support from Veep’s Anna Chlumsky.

TVLine can exclusively reveal that the six-time Emmy nominee has been cast in Evil’s fourth and final season. Described as “funny, charming, genuine and likable,” Chlumsky’s Ellie is “a guest at the Bouchards’ house for a wake, where she befriends a grieving Kristen.” (Gulp.)

So, whose wake is it? That remains to be seen. We will, however, use this opportunity to remind you that Kristen’s husband Andy was hogtied and brainwashed by Leland and Sheryl in Season 3. Upon returning home, he suffered from fainting spells and visions of demonic creatures, so… make of that what you will.

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Chlumsky <cite>Photo by Eric Hobbs</cite>
Chlumsky Photo by Eric Hobbs
Corddry <cite>Photo by Jake Trott</cite>
Corddry Photo by Jake Trott
Borle <cite>Courtesy of Paramount+</cite>
Borle Courtesy of Paramount+

Additionally, TVLine can confirm that Evil Season 4 has cast Nate Corddry (Sugar) and two-time Tony Award winner Christian Borle (Smash) in guest roles. Corddry will play Paul Jr., a happily married real estate agent with no complaints about life. Yet he feels with certainty that he’s been “consumed by his doppelgänger,” a vlogger who recently died by suicide. “Convinced the spirit of the vlogger is now inside of him, a very tired Paul Jr., no longer able to control his thoughts or actions, agrees with Sister Andrea that he is probably in need of an exorcism.”

Borle, meanwhile, will assume the part of Neil, “a brilliant grad student who gave up his life to become a nurse/private secretary for Johan Taupin, a brilliant physicist who attracts the attention of the Vatican,” per the official character breakdown. “Seemingly never not by his side, Neil is a staunch defender of Johan and does his best to dissuade those who think Johan may be involved with the occult.”

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In February, Paramount+ confirmed that Evil would end with Season 4. The final run has been expanded from 10 to 14 episodes, which will roll out weekly.

Following the announcement, series co-creators Robert and Michelle King said they were not planning to shop the show to other networks and streamers, but instead would treat the four bonus episodes as a mini-Season 5.

In addition, Robert King recently told TVLine that the pregnancy revealed at the end of Season 3 is going to play a huge role in upcoming episodes, and questions surrounding the baby would be among the mysteries solved during this last season.

“You’ll know who The 60 are,” he said, referencing the demonic houses depicted on the map of sigils frequently referenced by David, Ben and Kristen. “You’ll know about the fate of Leland, and you’ll know what has happened to that baby that is the product of that egg belonging to Kristen and [Leland].”

Evil Season 4 premieres Thursday on Paramount+. In need of a Season 3 refresher? Sit back, crack open a canned cocktail and watch our three-minute recap below:

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