Everything We Know About "The Princess Switch 3"

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Welcome back to Belgravia! The Princess Switch: Switched Again is finally airing on Netflix and just in time for the holidays. If you thought things got super confusing as Margaret and Stacy tried to pull off their switch, now there's a third lookalike out there and she's doing whatever it takes to become queen. Of course, if you've already finished the movie, you're already wondering whether or not we'll be going back for another crazy adventure and switch. So here is everything we know about The Princess Switch and what you can we expect.

*Major spoilers for The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again below!*

Here's everything you need to know about The Princess Switch 3.

Is a third movie actually happening?

Yes! Netflix just released the third installment of the seasonal movies series. You can stream the new movie today and be prepared for all the drama.

What is The Princess Switch 3 be about?

At the end of The Princess Switch: Switched Again, Margaret and Kevin finally get married and she is later officially coronated as queen. Stacy and Edward also make up as they promise each other to do better in their relationship going forward, despite how crazy their lives are. Meanwhile, Fiona gets arrested for trying to impersonate Margaret and steal the throne. In The Princess Switch: Romancing the Stars the trio is teaming up with “a dashing, mysterious man” from Fiona’s past to find a stolen relic, the Star of Peace. Along the way sparks are rekindled of a Christmas romance resulting in an unexpected switch. Does with this mean a fourth one?

Will there be a Princess Switch 4?

While there hasn't been any word of a fourth movie that doesn't mean we won't be returning to Belgravia for another royal-filled winter adventure. Even though Netflix announced the third movie before they started filming the second one, they are not known to keep a strict schedule when it comes to announcing sequels. But if we are being honest this series might follow suit with Netflix's other hit Christmas series, The Christmas Prince. The franchise was very popular but after the third movies' release in 2019 the series seems to have ended with no word of a fourth one. While it's sad to think this might be the last time we see Vanessa Hudgens in her iconic roles, the truth is that only time (Netflix) will tell!

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