Everything You Need To Know About People Born In The Year Of The Wood Dragon

year of the wood dragon
year of the wood dragon

It’s almost time for the mythical Dragon to shine as we enter 2024! According to Chinese astrology, the upcoming year will be celebrated as the ‘Year of the Wood Dragon’ – the most vital and powerful creature in the Chinese zodiac. The wood Dragon Chinese zodiac is a subcategory of the fifth animal in the Chinese zodiac cycle – a 12-year repeating cycle wherein each year is represented by an animal. The 12 signs are explained by an interesting lore which states that all creatures on earth were summoned to participate in a race, while the Jade Emperor (greatest immortal) was making a calendar. The first 12 animals to reach the finish line received the ‘Chinese zodiac sign’ status and became a part of the larger Chinese astrology. So, as we inch closer to the Year of the Wood Dragon, here’s everything you should know about people belonging to this year.

The Chinese zodiac Wood Dragon explained

year of the wood dragon
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According to the Chinese elemental theory, each zodiac sign is linked to one of the five main elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth. The Wood Dragon, like all other elemental Dragons, comes once in 60 years. People born in the Year of the Wood Dragon (1964, 2024 and so on) are considered to be extremely creative and inquisitive beings, who like to explore many different paths in life which results in them being very open and liberal. As for the upcoming Year of the Wood Dragon 2024, it will commence on February 10, 2024, till January 28, 2025.

Always brimming with drive and motivation, Wood Dragons enjoy fulfilling careers. They’re likely to materialise all their ambitions into actions, coming up with truly revolutionary ideas that make them the masters of their craft. Unlike the other Dragon-born people, who are often seen as proud and arrogant, the Wood Dragon thrives on humility. While you’ll mostly find this sign leading on in a powerful position, Wood Dragons ensure they have a trusted counsel of experts to advise them on important matters.

These natural leaders command attention when they walk into a room, and it’s really hard not to be intimidated by them. Being the epitome of power and success, Dragons will come out victorious even if they jump into a risky business without thinking.

Their mythical allure will sweep you off your feet!


Wood Dragons are very lively and enthusiastic, charming their way into every social circle with a dash of self-confidence. These highly intellectual individuals quickly take advantage of every opportunity. Dragons aren’t easily discouraged in the face of difficulties (although failures do pinch their egos)! They’re somewhat perfectionists (and mysteriously lucky) who always maintain the high standards they set for themselves.

You can often find them trying to change the world, one great idea at a time! This sign is too busy building a legacy, having no time to indulge in gossip, slander or hypocrisy. Their ambitious streak is so great that you’ll find them working at unsociable hours to fulfil their desires, having a self-assured personality and sharp focus that stimulates their path to success. No matter what ill-fated shocks they suffer or catastrophic situations they might encounter, Wood Dragons will always land on their feet.

Humorous and diplomatic in their ways, Wood Dragons have a sixth sense for business that no other Chinese zodiac sign possesses. Overall, people born in the Year of the Wood Dragon are considered to be the luckiest folks out there, with good fortune being their constant companion. Wood Dragons truly have a Midas touch!


With great ambition, wit and success comes a sense of self-absorbedness and supremacy (that might help further the sign’s professional dreams) which surely hinders their personal relationships. Their constant need to feel self-sufficient and independent draws them away from romantic relationships, and they often end up leading solitary lives for the most part.

The Wood Dragon will listen to other people’s point of view, however, it can be a little pushy during arguments to establish that whatever they’ve said is right. While the zodiac animal is (almost) always right, being considerate and accommodating at times won’t really hurt! Isn’t it?

Despite being brilliant and intelligent, the zodiac animal occasionally tends to ignore reasoning and follows their instinct which is when disaster strikes. Furthermore, they are often unable to control their emotions and unfurl a hot-headed and quick-tempered streak when someone irks them. Their irrational fears often take precedence over their talent and their unbridled emotions often follow their heads.

Idealists and perfectionists, people born in the Year of the Wood Dragon are too critical of others’ work inefficiency. Their crude words (mostly said with good intent) often hurt people close to them. Dragons, you really need to let loose and go with the flow!

Love compatibility

With its flamboyant personality and gorgeous looks (AND a host of red flags), it’s hard not to fall head over heels in love with a Wood Dragon. It’s safe to say that this sign has an unsatisfying love life, simply because they push people away as they want no one to dictate/partake in their lives. They’re more likely to indulge in a string of romances and marriages than find a stable relationship and forge a solid foundation for life.

When they do come into a relationship, it’s filled with passion and zeal which fades away as quickly as it rises. They’ll put up with a person only till it’s convenient and undemanding as they’re too busy in their own world. Dragons love fiercely and will intoxicate you with their charm. However, they most likely won’t settle in their youth and might just break your heart for the next person who catches their fancy. Despite being difficult to put up with, they’re as irresistible as it gets! What also makes it exciting to have a relationship with the Wood Dragon is that they’re curious and ready to experiment with different things in a relationship.

Wondering if you’re compatible with the Wood Dragon based on your Chinese zodiac sign? Keep reading to find out:

Most compatible: Monkey, Rat, Snakes and Rooster

Roosters and Dragons are each other’s best cheerleaders during difficult times. The Rooster will always root for its partner, offering sincere words of encouragement. Monkeys and Dragons both have amazing intuition and expansive imagination and will better understand each other’s aspirations. Lastly, Rat entices the Dragon with its wit and dependability. Their contrasting personalities perfectly complement each other.

Least compatible: Dog, Rabbit, Ox, Sheep or Dragon

Dogs and Dragons will have a hard time trusting and understanding each other. Their union spells doom. Similarly, Rabbits and Dragons (despite sharing many interests) can’t seem to tolerate each other because of their short tempers. Lastly, Wood Dragons won’t get along with other Dragons, simply because they’re too alike. The need to be independent, fulfil their ambitions without any roadblocks and highly self-absorbed nature leaves no space for a relationship to blossom.


Noble, resourceful, street smart and sincere – Wood Dragons will go very far in their career because they excel at tasks that many find mentally taxing. They make for great leaders and their powerful aura commands everyone’s attention. The sign is very enterprising and will do wonders in a position where they can put their ideas into play. Dragons work best with an entourage of people, who help them strategise and fine-tune their ideas. Their savage and aggressive approach is the cornerstone for success, but also a barrier to personal development.

Dragons don’t care about what others are saying about them and will fructify their creative ideas despite all criticism. Many appreciate them for their originality and their ability to take risks. The sign seldom suffers from money problems, wealth just flows to them with their enterprising ideas. They’re very generous when it comes to money and use it majorly as a means to realise their goals.

As for the ideal profession, Wood Dragons can work wonders as politicians, designers, managers, salespersons and financiers.


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When it comes to health and well-being, Wood Dragons are pretty strong and balanced. They don’t fret over minor issues, always being high-spirited and cheerful. While most of their lifestyle habits are just about fine, Dragons can suffer health issues because of overburdening themselves with work. They’re too preoccupied with their jobs, often ignoring their welfare which could take an ugly shape in the long run. Something they dismiss as a minor annoyance could be a potential hazard in the future. So, it’s high time this zodiac sign strikes a work-life balance.

The best way to keep physical and mental exhaustion at bay is to exercise regularly. Meditating and exercising really help, given that Dragons are constantly stressed and frustrated due to work. It’s best if this sign takes regular breaks to introspect and unwind, completely cut off from their regular chores.

Lucky things

Numbers: 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, and 9

Colours: Gold, silver and hoary

Flowers: Bleeding heart vine, larkspur and hyacinth

Directions: West, north, and northwest

Unlucky things

Numbers: 3, 9

Colours: Green, black, red and purple

Directions: Southeast

Famous personalities born in the Year of the Wood Dragon

year of wood dragon born people
Image credit: Wikimedia commons/courteneycoxofficial/ Instagram
  • Courteney Cox

  • Kamala Harris

  • Keanu Reeves

  • Matt Dillon

  • Russell Crowe

  • Sarah Palin

  • Nicolas Cage

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the nature of the Wood Dragon?

People born in the Year of the Wood Dragon are considered to be extremely creative and inquisitive beings. Most of them are always thriving in their professional careers.

  • Who should a Wood Dragon marry?

The Wood Dragon is most compatible with Monkey, Rat, Snakes and Rooster.

  • Is the Wood Dragon Yin or Yang?

The Dragon zodiac sign is always Yang.

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