Everything to Know About ‘Selling Sunset’ Star Nicole Young Ahead of Season 7

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All the Deets on Nicole From ‘Selling Sunset’ Robin L Marshall - Getty Images

Selling Sunset's sixth season was a beautiful mess for several reasons (can never hear the words "Palm Springs" again without breaking out into a cold sweat), but we're here to talk about Nicole Young, aka the show's newest addition who wasted no time getting into major drama with Chrishell Stause. I mean...

So, what do we know about Nicole? Pretty much everything because—like every member of the Selling Sunset cast, apparently—the internet keeps receipts! And now is the perfect time to get all the deets on Nicole since season 7 of Selling Sunset hits Netflix on November 3.

Nicole Has a Public Relations Degree from Baylor University

Nicole traded her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota for Waco, Texas to attend Baylor University. She is well aware of how being in the spotlight works—to the point where she literally has a degree in PR—and got her start working as a marketing consultant during her senior year of college.

Nicole's been at the Oppenheim Group since 2014, where—according to her bio—she's known for her "unwavering integrity and candor" (pretty sure Chrishell would have something to say about that) and for making huge sales. Alas, we didn't get to see Nicole flex her real estate muscles too much on Selling Sunset due to all the drama, but apparently, she has a "wide range of clientele from first-time buyers and sellers to celebrities, executives, and other high profile individuals." We also know that she's done $100 million in sales!

And speaking of millions...

She's a Millionaire

Only Nicole truly knows what's in her bank account, but according to Ranker she has a net worth of $3 million. Those commission checks add up!

She's Married to This Guy

As you can see, Nicole and Brandon have two cute dogs, and they've been together since at least 2016 (and got married in 2017):

Side note that Nicole is apparently an avid "succulent gardener." If that's the official term for lining up a buncha tiny plants from Trader Joe's on a windowsill, same.

She Was *Almost* on Selling Sunset Season 1

Yep, Nicole was this close to being part of the original cast—which makes sense since she was working for the Oppenheim Group at the time the show started! She told People, “Honestly, at the time, I just got cold feet right before they were going to start filming. I just wasn't ready to expose my entire life, and even more so, my clients and business—which I'm very protective of—to the entire world. I've grown personally and professionally a lot. At the end of the day, it's an incredible opportunity and a rise-to-the-occasion kind of moment."

She Officiated Mary's Wedding!

Nicole is close friends with Mary Fitzgerald, the VP of the Oppenheim Group. She officiated her wedding, which was included in the Netflix series.

...So she's technically been on Selling Sunset before

While Nicole officially joined the cast in season 6, she's made several appearances throughout the reality series. She officiated Mary's wedding, which was caught on camera for season 2, and she was also featured in season 4 at Niko and Zelda's birthday party.

ICYMI, exes Mary and Jason co-parent these dogs, so... yeah. Nicole even immortalized the pups' special day with an Insta post. "Only the best for Niko & Zelda! 🐶🐶 Happy birthday babies 🥰 Thanks for such a fun day and for letting us party with you!"

About That Chrishell Drama...

ICYMI at the time, Chrishell actually hopped on Instagram back last year to allude to drama between her and Nicole, cryptically writing, "The thirst for camera time on season 6 is REAL. Wow. That was insanity. But also SO transparent. Get your 15 mins girl but leave my business out of it.Screenshots have been archived for this very moment. Of COURSE you have a huge issue with me now—not before—when you have a camera crew around you. I hate fake 💩...If you want camera time-JUST SAY THAT. I would have helped you get the right angle. But don't try to come for people I love or my business when you were added and I was there to hype you up excited for you."

Looks like Chrishell came through with said archived screenshots, 'cause...

But for what it's worth, Nicole was asked where she and Chrishell stand these days by People and had this to say: "We're to a point where we can just peacefully coexist. I think it's very normal in any kind of workplace for not everyone to be friends. So as long as we can just be in the same office, focus on our business—that's the best scenario that we can have."

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