Everything to Know About Gabby Windey's Partner, Robby Hoffman

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We first met Gabby Windey when she competed in Clayton Echard's season of The Bachelor in 2022 and she eventually became The Bachelorette alongside Rachel Recchia. After her time on Bachelor Nation, Gabby got engaged to Erich Schwer—but they called it quits less than two months after their proposal aired. Since then, Gabby opened up about the ups and downs of going through very public breakups and revealed she found love in a queer relationship with comedian Robby Hoffman in 2023.

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According to ^^^ this super cute TikTok, Gabby and Robby just hit their 1-year anniversary (🥹), and to celebrate, we're laying out all the facts about the comedian who found the key to Gabby's heart. Here's everything we know about Gabby Windey's partner, Robby Hoffman.

Robby is genderqueer and Jewish

Robby Hoffman was born in Brooklyn, New York to a Hasidic Jewish family. Her family moved to Montreal, Canada when they were a kid, which is where they and their 9 (!!) siblings were raised. According to Hey Alma, they no longer identify as Hasidic but still consider themself Jewish.

"I naturally feel Jewish and naturally do Jewish people things. I don’t have to do something because I’m Jewish. I like doing the things I do because I’m Jewish," Robby explained.

They're an Emmy-winning comedian

Robby is a stand-up comedian who's received honors and awards for her punchlines. In 2020, they were named a "Comic to Watch" at the New York Comedy Festival and recognized as one of Vulture's "Comedians You Should Know." Their first TV writing job was on PBS' Odd Squad—and they snagged a Daytime Emmy for their work on the show. Robby also hosts a podcast with Rachel Kaly called Too Far.

Robby also has an hour-long comedy special called I’m Nervous on Just for Laughs' YouTube channel. Ya know, in case you need a good giggle.

Robby has a major project in the works

According to Deadline, Robby has been working on a comedy for Showtime and A24 loosely based on their life called Rivkah. They not only wrote the show but will star and serve as an executive producer.

Robby and Gabby made their first red carpet appearance at the 2023 iHeart Radio music festival, where they shared their relationship got serious pretty quickly

During an interview with Extra, Gabby revealed that she and Robby's relationship got serious rather quickly. "Life is better when shared, so now I feel like I get to share it with someone that I really care about," the former Bachelorette explained. She added, "We were serious right away. It felt good for both of us. And then I think you just take it day by day and let it unfold." Robby added, "You're either doing that or you're not. So, I think it's pretty serious."

Important to note that these two could not keep their hands off each other during this red carpet appearance:

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