'Everything is bad': Kabul laborers rue lack of work

"There is no job, no work, what should we do? Being day laborers, we come here and sit for hours but no one gives us any work. Everyone is worried and concerned," said Mohamad Ali on Thursday (September 2). "Everything has become expensive."

For the Taliban, growing economic hardship is emerging as their biggest challenge, with a sinking currency and rising inflation adding misery to a country where more than a third of the population lives on less than $2 a day.

Humanitarian organizations have warned of impending catastrophe and the economy - reliant for years on many millions of dollars of foreign aid - is close to collapse.

Many Afghans were struggling to feed their families amid severe drought well before the Islamist militant group seized power and millions may now face starvation with the country isolated and the economy unraveling, aid agencies say.

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