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Everyone Should Have Matching Bathroom Accessories, and These Sets Are Proof

Bathrooms—especially tiny apartment bathrooms and for anyone who rents their home—can be a tricky space to style. You need to achieve that perfect combination of form and function, and at the same time, you're more limited as to how you can infuse your space with color and personality. One of the easiest ways to do it all is to pick out pretty bathroom accessories that can do a lot of the heavy style lifting while also serving an important purpose. A cute soap dispenser can make all the difference in the world (even if all it does is make you smile when you wash your hands!), and a matching set is even better. If you're looking for the perfect bathroom set, look no further—whether your personal style leans more modern or glam, or you prefer neutrals or bright colors, this list has you covered. Oh, and there's something for every budget, too.