Everyone We Know Is Gifting These Sneakers This Year

Lindsey Murray
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Photo credit: Allbirds
Photo credit: Allbirds

From Good Housekeeping

Basically everyone on the GoodHousekeeping.com team is getting their mom Allbirds sneakers. That does not mean they're Mom Shoes, though. If you need a little more info surrounding the hype, I got you. Allbirds first caught my attention after the company boldly declared that they were “the world’s most comfortable shoe.” Not long after, celebs like Jennifer Garner, Hilary Duff, and Mila Kunis were spotted wearing the trendy sneaker.

The brand also noted that their sneakers are padded with cushy insoles, machine washable, and made to minimize odor enough that you could wear them without socks. Like most internet claims, I was skeptical. Socks with sneakers are a thing for a reason people, and going without them seemed risky. So I asked Lexie Sachs, the Senior Product Analyst in the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Textiles Lab and mom of two, for her thoughts.

Turns out, Allbirds were her sneaker of choice on a weeklong vacation to Disney last year with her family. Yup, she trekked through long days at the parks sock free. Bold, if you ask me, but she explained that since wool is more odor resistant than synthetic materials, smelly shoes weren’t an issue, even when her feet were sweating. Plus, she knew that even if her sneakers did get a bit stinky, she could just throw them in the wash after her trip was over.

I was sold and immediately ordered a pair of the Natural Black Wool Runners for my mom. Turns out, so did three other editors at GoodHousekeeping.com. Our digital director even admitted that she ordered a pair for herself.

One thing to note: Sachs did say that the wool insoles got a little hot in the Orlando humidity, so these may be more suited for colder months to keep your feet cozy. Also, they aren't ideal during exercise — instead think of these as mom’s go-to shoe when she’s running errands, commuting to work, or just wants a comfy, yet stylish, option to wear basically anywhere.

The best part is at $95, they’re cheaper than other popular sneaker brands. If you’re interested, you’ll want to act fast though before your favorite color sells out.

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