'Everyone is afraid': Neighbor of Polish missile victim

STORY: For many, terror or disbelief were the overriding emotions, though some expressed relief that the missile that killed two of their neighbours on Tuesday (November 15) appeared to have been an accident caused by Ukraine's air defences and not a Russian strike.

“Who wouldn't be afraid? Everyone is afraid, because we are the closest," 67-year-old retired mechanic, Ryszard Turczanik told Reuters.

"This is the corner closest to the border. But is that the only danger here? Maybe there is a danger from Belarus too," Turczanik said.

The blast's victims were two male workers at a storage facility, one aged 58 and the other 62. One of them was Turczanik's neighbour.

“He was a very helpful man. He was taking care of Ukrainian refugees."

After the war started, "he went to the border many times to help,” said Turczanik.