Every ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie, Ranked (Photos)

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Every ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie, Ranked (Photos)

What makes a “Ghostbusters” movie a “Ghostbusters” movie?

It’s a question that filmmakers and one particularly eager studio (Sony) has been asking itself for literally decades. It’s something that has even plagued director Jason Reitman, who takes over for his dad Ivan Reitman with this weekend’s sequel “Ghostbusters: Afterlife.” “It is a complicated endeavor to take on this franchise, which means so many different things to different people,” Reitman recently told io9. “As a result, we are trying to address the desires and needs of every type of person who is going to see this film—and at the same time, try to just have a good time. Try to come at it with just joy all the time and involve the people that we love working with.”

And with all of this in mind, we set out to rank all of the “Ghostbusters” movies. None of the movies are bad, exactly, but some just hit differently. While it’s hard to articulate what makes a “Ghostbusters” movie a “Ghostbusters” movie, you can definitely tell what makes a good one different than a great one.

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