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Everlane Just Restocked Its Choose What You Pay Section

If you've never shopped at Everlane, the "Choose What You Pay" program is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of having a traditional sale section, the direct-to-consumer company offers three prices and shares what each rate covers. The lowest price usually covers production costs, while proceeds from the highest rate will go towards research and development. Everlane just restocked the section, meaning you can take up to 50 percent off clothing and accessories at your discretion.

I know what you're thinking: Wearing—let alone buying—clothing right now seems daunting. (I should know, I'm currently rocking a college sweatsuit like it's 2010.) However, Everlane's sale is packed with cozy sweaters, loungewear, and Zoom-friendly blouses, so it's a great opportunity to revamp your WFH wardrobe. And if I'm being honest, we could all use some retail therapy right now.

Peruse through these 10 standout styles from the newly-stocked section, below.

Everlane Just Restocked Its Choose What You Pay Section

We're talkin' up to 50 percent off jeans, sweaters, sports bras, and more.