At Evergrande apartments, buyers seek answers

It's a sight repeated across China.

Scores of unfinished homes, with construction at a standstill.

They're the work of ailing property developer Evergrande.

This week saw reports that the giant firm could fail to make loan interest payments.

It's weighed down by $305 billion in liabilities.

Markets and officials are worried what might happen if it succumbs to a messy collapse.

People who bought apartments for the firm have a more immediate concern.

They want to see their new homes finished.

Fan Wanting bought an apartment at complex in the city of Luoyang:

"We definitely hope that the government will come out and give us an assurance. We still have to pay the mortgage. Our children go to school around here. The pressure on our young people is also very high. We hope that construction workers will return as soon as possible, and then hand over the house as soon as possible. In that event, our lives at least have some kind of certainty."

Other buyers have been told they can't get a refund.

Evergrande employees are worried too.

This property salesman, who didn't want to be identified, said there had already been a lot of layoffs.

It all leaves buyers looking to Beijing.

The Chinese government has asked Evergrande to guarantee that it can deliver all units sold.

Investors also have questions.

Will the firm be allowed to go under, or will Beijing intervene in some way?

Many worry that an unmanaged default would have unpredictable and severe consequences for China's financial system.

Right now though, no one is getting any answers to their questions.

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