Evacuations Ordered as Wildfire Burns in British Columbia

The Flood Falls Trail wildfire burning near Hope, a municipality in British Columbia, Canada, has grown to around 520 hectares (about 2 square miles), according to the BC Wildfire Service.

In an update shared on Monday, September 12, the BC Wildfire Service said that the steep terrain is “presenting access challenges for ground crews.”

The Fraser Valley Regional District issued evacuation orders, and the BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure said Highway 1 was closed due to the fire.

Footage captured by Darryl Kipp shows aerial vehicles dropping water on the fire and hazy skies over Hope, British Columbia. Credit: Darryl Kipp via Storyful

Video transcript

- Quarter to 5:00 PM, west side of Thunder Creek on Sunday. Two choppers actioning this fire here. It's still up on the cliff.

it hasn't made the Creek yet. And hitting hot spots before they fall down. [INAUDIBLE] ground crews at the base of the cliff, away from the base of the cliff ready to [INAUDIBLE] if debris starts falling down the cliff.

Unfortunately, the second chopper-- unfortunately, the fire has made its way up into Thunder Creek. It's heading up further. So far, it's not on the [INAUDIBLE].

Fairly close to Hunter Creek here, on the west side of Hunter Creek. You can see that the fire is falling down towards the creek. So it will be here today for sure down on the flats.

And if you can see the smoke up there, it's actually-- we just had inflow wind start. So it's starting to blow smoke towards Hope. So I don't know if that's going to be the case all day today but definitely a wind change from the whole fire patterns.