Eva Lai admits abused by "award-winning" actor in the past

Heidi Hsia

22 Feb – Hong Kong actress Eva Lai (Lai Yin San) recently made a matter-of-fact revelation that she was once abused by an award-winning actor in the past.

As reported on Singtao, the story was shared by the actress at "The New King of Comedy" celebratory event, after stating that she could relate to the hardship faced by the character in the movie, played by newcomer Vin E Jingwen.

"I had just completed my acting training with Shaw and was a newcomer at the time, and was working with a Golden Horse and HKFA winning Best Actor," she said.

Eva continued, "I remember at the time, even though the director had already yelled cut, he was still abusing me, ripping at my clothes, stepping on me, and spewing profanity."

Asked if the person in question is a Hong Kong actor, Eva said yes.

"He is still around, but no longer working in the industry. Maybe he was drunk at the time," she said.

Declining to reveal the identity of the said actor, Eva admitted that she was really affected by it at the time, and went to hide and cry following the shoot.

"The assistant director comforted me," she added.

However, Eva said that she is still thankful to the actor, as he has made her stronger.

(Photo Source: Singtao)