Eva Amurri Has Flashbacks to Night Baby Suffered Skull Fracture After Nanny Dropped Him as She Spends Night at E.R.

The actress shared that she'd spent the night with her son at the hospital due to "stomach pains," which triggered a traumatic memory for her

<p>Eva Amurri/Instagram</p> Eva Amurri and her family

Eva Amurri/Instagram

Eva Amurri and her family

Eva Amurri is recalling a traumatic moment in her life.

On Tuesday, May 28, the actress, 39, shared a series of photos on her Instagram Stories as she spent the night in the emergency room with her son Major, 7. Posting a selfie with her son, Amurri explained that they'd been in the hospital until 3:30 a.m. for "severe stomach pains we thought were appendicitis."

Although they ultimately ruled it out and headed home, Amurri noted that last night was "kind of a big deal for a very specific reason."

"We happened to be in the room next door to the room I was in with Major as a 5 week old infant, in the middle of the night, when he suffered a skull fracture and subdural hematoma," Amurri shared.

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<p>Eva Amurri/Instagram</p> Eva Amurri's Instagram Stories

Eva Amurri/Instagram

Eva Amurri's Instagram Stories

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"Those hours and the following days were the darkest of my life, and the months that followed were the scariest and closest I ever came to leaving this world," she continued. "As I sat in basically the exact same chair last night, 7 years later, my heart as racing."

"I was exhausted and worried. But I sat there and I centered myself. I was able to regulate my nervous system. I was able to hold my healthy and living son in my arms and tell him he will be ok. Because he will be. I made it out of that and so did he."

Noting that the two left the hospital with more questions than answers, Amurri said she was so grateful to leave with her son in the car and not in an ambulance.

"It's a relief you don't really understand unless you've lived it," she shared. "Sending so much love to anybody out there living in that fear today ❤️."

<p>Eva Amurri/Instagram</p> Eva Amurri and son Major

Eva Amurri/Instagram

Eva Amurri and son Major

Amurri later shared an update on her Instagram Stories, posting a photo of herself hugging Major. "Thank you for the well wishes. He still is in pain but it's nice to be home and resting 🙏🏻❤️," the mom of three wrote.

Amurri shares her three kids — Marlowe Mae, 9, Major James, and Mateo Antoni, 4 — with ex-husband Kyle Martino.

In 2017, Amurri shared via a blog post on her website HappilyEvaAfter that her night nurse had dropped her then 5-week-old son Major and cracked his head open.

“A couple of days after Thanksgiving, our Night Nurse fell asleep while holding Major and dropped him, and he cracked his head on the hardwood floor,” Amurri wrote. "[Her then husband Kyle Martino] and I were sleeping at the time and were awoken by the sound of his head hitting the floor, and then hysterical piercing screams."

“He suffered a fractured skull and bleeding on his brain, and was transported by ambulance to Yale Medical Center where I spent two harrowing days with him to receive emergency care and further testing. To say these were the most traumatic and anxious two days of my life is an understatement," she added.

“But here’s the good part: by the grace of all of his many angels, and every God one cares to pray to, MAJOR IS FINE. Completely fine,” she continued. “He has been healing well, hitting milestones, cooing, smiling, and generally showing us that he is and will be [okay] as he grows and develops.”

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