European Vacationers Rescued From Strong Rip Currents by Florida Deputies

A father and his young son swimming in Florida were rescued after they were swept away from the shore by strong rip currents off Anna Maria Island, the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said on May 1.

Footage released by the sheriff’s office shows the man and a young boy being helped onto a boat by marine deputies.

According to TV station WFTS, the sheriff’s office said the pair were vacationing from Europe, “spoke little English, and appeared to be unaware of rip currents.”

The sheriff’s office said the video was a “reminder to use caution and look for posted signage regarding rip currents.”

“If you do become caught in a rip current, you should remain calm and try to swim parallel to the shore to move out of the current and then alert someone if help is needed,” they said. Credit: Manatee County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript




- Are they stuck in the tide rip?

- Yeah, you're going to get in a current soon. Are you stuck?

- A little bit.

- OK. He's a little bit stuck.

- All right.

- (OVER RADIO) Marine 2.

- Can you put us on a rescue at B point?

- Far as you need to go. Let me get the door. Just [INAUDIBLE] while I get the door.

- All right, buddy. You're gonna climb up, OK? Dad, hold on to that, OK?

- I got him. Come here.

- Now, give me this.

- Pa! Pa pa!

- You're fine.


- You're OK, buddy.


- You're OK. He's coming up.

- He's coming up. He's coming up. We gotcha. We gotcha.

- (OVER RADIO) Driving over to about [INAUDIBLE]. North shore and--

- You got it?


- (OVER RADIO) --get off there on the beach. See if I can assist in any way.

- Yeah, [INAUDIBLE].

- [BEEPS] It won't be. We had a little boy and his father get pulled out in the current, here. We got them in the boat now. We'll bring them right up on the beach.

- OK.


- Here, we'll let them out the dive door.

- OK.

- That was a good timing, I guess.

- Wasn't it?

- That's a lot for him to be trying to--

- Uh-huh.

- I've been in that position before, trying to save him and yourself.

- Here?

- Yep.

- Here, if you want to get in and I'll get him in.

- What?

- I'm going to let daddy in, then I'll get you in OK, buddy?

- Hurry up.

- Thank you [INAUDIBLE].

- Yep.

- Thank you guys.

- Uh-huh.

- I appreciate your service.

- Yeah. Be careful on over here, OK?

- Perfect.