European panel votes against Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug

Another possible setback for Biogen’s controversial Alzheimer’s drug.

A European regulatory panel gave Aduhelm the thumbs down Wednesday. The European Medicines Agency usually follows the panel’s recommendations.

Aduhelm grabbed headlines in June when U.S. regulators approved it as the first new treatment for the memory-robbing disease in nearly two decades even though an independent regulatory panel had voted against it.

Aduhelm has been mired in controversy, and uptake for the pricey drug has been slow in the United States as hospitals and insurers await a decision on U.S. government coverage for the drug. Some doctors said clinical trial results were inconsistent and that additional proof was needed.

And on Monday, Biogen said its veteran research chief who had led development of that drug was leaving the company.

Shares of Biogen, which have fallen by about a fourth in the past three months, extended their decline in early trading Wednesday.

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