Euphoria’s Eric Dane Joins Prime Video Thriller Countdown

Jensen Ackles and Jessica Camacho have landed another co-star for Prime Video’s upcoming thriller Countdown: Eric Dane has officially joined the cast while HBO’s Euphoria remains on pause, our sister site Deadline first reported Monday.

Countdown, which has secured a 13-episode order for its first season, begins with a suspicious murder in broad daylight, leading Los Angeles Police Department officer Mark Meachum (Ackles) to be recruited to a secret task force of undercover agents from all branches of law enforcement that will investigate the death. “But as the truth of a more sinister plot comes into focus,” the logline reads, “the team must overcome their conflicting personal agendas to unite and save a city of millions.”

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Dane will play Nathan Blythe, Special Agent in Charge, who’s been with the Bureau for 22 years. “Military cut, trim, fit and packing an imposing glare, he’s seen a lot in his days on the job, and he has a passion for fighting for justice,” according to the report. “Though this isn’t his first task force he’s led, this one is different. He had already been looking into a potential deal going on with a foreign player trying to buy off DHS officers, but was denied when he tried to open an investigation. He took matters into his own hands and started going around certain people and keeping things tightly locked, including this opps team. He carefully assembled and handpicked everyone on it and doesn’t hesitate to light a fire under them. He wants this solved by any means necessary.”

Camacho is set to play Special Agent Amber Oliveras, a 14-year Drug Enforcement Agency veteran. Per her official description, she’s “intrigued by the new opps team, and though she seems to do well enough on her own, it’ll be a nice change of pace working with others.”

The series comes from #OneChicago franchise veteran and FBI: International co-creator Derek Haas, who will serve as executive producer and showrunner as part of an overall deal with Amazon MGM Studios.

As for Euphoria’s long-delayed third season, work is forging ahead on scripts, but as of March, HBO is allowing the cast to pursue other acting jobs.

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