EU, UK agree to three-month 'sausage war' ceasefire

The United Kingdom and European Union declared a ceasefire in what's become a messy food-fight, after the EU agreed on Wednesday to turn down the heat for 90-days on a post-Brexit dispute... dubbed the "sausage war."

The agreement will extend a grace period for shipments of non-frozen sausages or mincemeat from Britain to Northern Ireland, which was due to end on July 1.

London called for, and was granted, the three-month extension to allow the two sides to resolve the trade difficulties over Northern Ireland, which has faced disruption since Britain completed its exit from the EU at the end of 2020.

As part of the deal, the EU will make it easier for medicines and guide dogs to cross the Irish Sea and allow Northern Irish drivers to travel to Ireland with existing insurance documents.

The ceasefire was designed to ease simmering tensions following Brexit.

Britain described the extension as a positive first step, but said both sides still need to agree to a permanent solution.

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