EU to OK Microsoft's huge Activision bid: sources

STORY: Microsoft could be one step closer to securing its $69 billion deal to buy Call of Duty-maker Activision.

Reuters sources say the takeover is set to get the green light from EU competition watchdogs.

They say that Brussels won’t require Microsoft to sell any assets.

But it will have to offer licensing deals to rivals such as Sony.

And it may have to provide assurances on the future conduct of the merged company.

Microsoft announced the Activision bid last year, and it would be the software giant’s biggest ever acquisition.

It’s meant to help the firm battle gaming market leaders like Sony and China’s Tencent.

Last month, Microsoft President Brad Smith said the firm would offer licensing deals, but would not sell the lucrative Call of Duty franchise.

It has signed 10-year deals with Nintendo and Nvidia to bring the game to their platforms.

Those agreements are conditional on approval for the Activision deal.

But the takeover still faces hurdles.

UK watchdogs are conducting a probe, while in the U.S. the Federal Trade Commission has asked a judge to block the deal.