The EU marks its 20th remembrance day for victims of terrorism

The EU marks its 20th remembrance day for victims of terrorism

The date of March 11 was selected as a day of remembrance for terrorism victims across the continent following the tragic train bombings in Madrid on March 11, 2004, orchestrated by Islamic extremists, killing 193 people.

Leading figures from the European Union, including Ylva Johansson, along with Spain's King Felipe VI and Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, attended the event honoring victims of terrorism across the EU.

Sanchez emphasised the principles of "democracy, rule of law, and social rights" as a sign of a unified Europe in the fight against extremism, affirming that these values are invincible.

"So may the values of peace, coexistence, truth, justice and reparation, guide us in this endeavour, always remembering the victims, whose memory we invoke every March 11 and every day of the year," he added.

Ylva Johansson, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, praised Spain as "a pioneer in support for victims, building on decades of tragic experience," and urged more action.

"So today let's remember with words, and tomorrow let's remember by taking action. Action to support victims and to fight terrorism," Johansson said.

King Felipe VI of Spain expressed profound respect for the victims of terror attacks and pledged unwavering commitment to ensuring they feel acknowledged, cared for, and shielded by all necessary means.