Etsy Sellers Are Printing Lisa Barlow’s Infamous Rant on Mugs and Shirts — and Making Tons of Money

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In March, the world was gifted with one of the best, most unhinged reality show rants in history — one that arguably usurps the infamous “Jersey Shore” letter that Snooki and Jenni wrote to Sam about Ronnie’s, um, infidelities at the club.

This rant wasn’t written out, however, but was caught loud and clear on a hot mic during the reunion episode of “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” Season 2, when Lisa Barlow went on an irate and expletive-laden tirade against her former friend Meredith Marks. Considering how many dumpster fires occurred throughout the season (including, but not limited to: wire fraud, breast cakes and a potential cult being run out of Mary Cosby’s church), it’s saying a lot that one of the most classic moments from the season came out of a 10-second remark during the reunion episode.

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And just like so many meme-able moments that have come before it, fans are now printing it on everything they can think of to make a buck. Just one search of “Lisa Barlow rant” on Etsy brings up more than 1,200 results of the verbal attack transcribed onto everything from shirts and mugs to kitchen towels and hats.

“I knew that not everyone would feel comfortable wearing a shirt with that many f-bombs in public, so I decided to also design some mugs,” says Etsy seller Shannon McNeil, whose Barlow-inspired merch are best-sellers on the site.

McNeil, an avid fan of “RHOSLC” herself, came up with the idea while on a “Housewives” subreddit that was discussing the rant after the episode aired. “I saw comment after comment saying, ‘I need this on a shirt,’ and I just thought, ‘I can do that!'”

Since she began selling the merch, she’s already made more than $3,000 from sales and counting. Check out McNeil’s store and shop her best-selling Barlow mugs below:

Lisa ‘Hot Mic’ Barlow Rant Mug

Courtesy of Etsy
Courtesy of Etsy



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