Etihad Plane Lands in Israel Carrying Coronavirus Aid for Palestinians

The Emirati airline Etihad Airways flew a plane to Israel for the second time in a month, landing on June 9 with supplies for Palestinians grappling with the coronavirus, video taken on the tarmac in Israel shows.

This footage, provided by Israel’s Airports Authority, was recorded at Ben Gurion Airport outside Tel Aviv.

On May 19, Etihad operated an initial flight that was called the first of its kind by Israel’s foreign ministry. The UAE, like most Arab countries, has no official ties to Israel.

Though that supply mission utilized a plane with a blank fuselage, the June 9 flight was performed by a plane emblazoned with the name of the Abu Dhabi-based carrier. Both flights were reported to be carrying medical supplies for Palestinians to fight the coronavirus. Credit: Israel Airports Authority via Storyful