Estonian Comedy/Drama ‘Free Money’ Incorporates NFTs

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Estonian comedy/drama “Free Money,” which director-writer Rain Rannu is shooting in Estonia now, following a U.S. shoot, will be one of the first films ever to incorporate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) directly into the screening experience, Film New Europe reports.

The film will become a more interactive experience for anyone with a crypto wallet as a consequence. “For example, there will be QR-codes shown in the film itself that will unlock NFT-artwork and tokens, rewarding early the viewers and those with especially sharp eyes with exclusive assets that they can own,” Rannu told FNE.

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“Free Money” tells three loosely interconnected stories about money, cryptocurrency and the investment culture of the last few years when investing has become a form of entertainment, and ordinary folk are trading in stocks and coins.

The main characters are a brash crypto entrepreneur (Hungarian actor Miklós Bányai), a programmer (Märt Pius), and a conservative banker (Ivo Uukkivi), with the focus on their relationship with money.

The film will be in English and Estonian.

“Free Money” combines traditional filmmaking with more spontaneous, almost documentary-like sequences at real locations and with real events; for example, one sequence of the film was shot live at the largest investment festival in Estonia with 1,200 participants.

- Credit: Courtesy of FNE
- Credit: Courtesy of FNE

Courtesy of FNE

Shooting in the U.S. took place June 13-24, and the shoot in Estonia runs June 29-Aug. 10. There were seven shooting days in the U.S. and 18 days in Estonia.

The film is produced by Tallifornia and financed by the Tallifornia Film Fund, the first private investment fund in Estonia.

“I’d rather not talk about the budget. Let’s just say it’s between 10 and 50 bitcoin,” Rannu told FNE.

“Free Money” is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2023.

This article is published in partnership with online news service Film New Europe, which covers film and TV industry news from across Central and Eastern Europe.

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Read the full special report

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