Escaped Monkey Charges at Homeowner in South Oklahoma

An escaped monkey was fatally shot in Carter County, Oklahoma, on Sunday, March 12, after attacking homeowners and injuring a woman, according to local police.

Startling video from Ardmore resident Randal Flinn shows the primate trying to attack Flinn on his porch.

“What’s a monkey doing in Oklahoma?” a bewildered Flinn asks aloud while filming the monkey through a screen door. When the monkey turns its attention to Flinn’s dog in the yard, Flinn opens the door and yells at his dog to get away. The moment the door opens, the monkey turns back and aggressively charges towards Flinn, who slams the door closed just in time.

In another video Flinn posted on TikTok, showing police officers outside, Flinn says he heard reports that the monkey had attacked a neighbor and hurt her ear.

KFOR reported that the monkey attacked a woman named Brittany Parker and left her ear “mangled and severely injured.”

The Dickson Police Department on Monday said officers responded to the area but failed to locate the monkey after it ran into a wooded area.

Officers spoke to the monkey’s owners who also failed to catch the animal, police said.

Eventually, the monkey “was shot and killed by a family member of the victim,” Dickson Police said. Credit: Randal Flinn via Storyful