Escaped Cows Wrangled After Wandering Onto Minnesota Freeway

A pair of escaped cows were corralled by authorities after they wandered onto Interstate 35 north of Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Tuesday morning, August 2, local officials said.

In a whimsically worded statement, the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) said the cows caused a “public moooosance,” having visited a KwikTrip store and passing through a trailer park before rambling onto the freeway.

With help from the Minnesota State Patrol and local police, deputies were able to contain the cows between cable barriers on the highway’s median “to prevent drivers from having steak on their hoods,” according to the sheriff’s office.

Once the animals were contained, a professional wrangler on horseback removed the cows from the freeway, CCSO said.

“Deputies attempted to corral them, but they planned on milking this for all it was worth,” the sheriff’s office wrote. “All joking aside, this could have been a bad situation if a car struck one of them at 70 mph,” they added. Credit: Chisago County Sheriff via Storyful

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