Escalating situation in Donetsk Oblast: Military observer reports increasing severity

Russians control about 80% of Ocheretyno in Donetsk Oblast - DeepState
Russians control about 80% of Ocheretyno in Donetsk Oblast - DeepState

What is happening in Pokrovsk sector, in particular near Ocheretyne, explained military observer Denys Popovych in an interview with Radio NV on April 28.

“West of Avdiivka, defense line is sagging a little bit," Popovych said.

"There is a complex of factors that causes this. It's not just the fact that we didn't build fortifications in advance, there's also a lack of ammunition, people, and Russian air superiority. All of this plays a role in fact that Ukrainian army is slowly retreating from its positions."

DeepState reports that Russians captured village of Berdychi, located south of Ocheretyne.

“It has not been confirmed by General Staff, but this information is available and cannot be ignored," he added.

"Accordingly, the situation is getting more complicated in Pokrovsk sector.”

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Popovych cites delays in provision of US military aid as main reason for this:

“We have to admit that enemy's calculation that its offensive would be successful in a situation where we lack ammunition came true," Popovych stated.

"And if there was no news that we would receive this ammunition from United States, it would be very difficult for us to hold in in a situation where aid was on hold.”

Situation in Ocheretyne

Earlier, spokesman of Khortytsia Operational and Strategic Group of Troops, Nazar Voloshyn, said that Russians managed to gain a foothold in Ocheretyne, Donetsk Oblast, and that they used four brigades to achieve success in this area.

He assured that Armed Forces are taking all measures to stabilize situation in Avdiivka sector and regain control over Ocheretyne.

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“For this purpose, additional forces and means from the reserve have also been deployed,” said Khortytsia Group of Troops spokesman.

Voloshyn said that Ukraine's defenders controlled most of Ocheretyne and Solovyovo in Donetsk Oblast on April 27.

Roman Pohorilyi, co-founder and analyst of DeepState platform, which created a interactive map of the frontline based on OSINT analys and it's own sources, said in an interview with Radio NV that frontline failed and that there were heavy losses in Ocheretyne, for which command of 115th Brigade was responsible.

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