Has Erling Haaland been ‘worked out’? And are Arsenal just Man City’s B team?

Erling Haaland being all frustrated Credit: Alamy
Erling Haaland being all frustrated Credit: Alamy

We have plenty on the morals of the World Cup but first, Arsenal, Manchester City and has Erling Haaland been found out?

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Haaland can be stopped
With the Erlander’s recent dry spell in front of goal, isn’t that down to teams’ coaches now having had time to study him in actual Premier League matches and make adjustments accordingly. Center backs have now seen that little burst of late speed in the box, how he turns, etc., and are prepared for it. A block here, a deflection there, and suddenly you’re the hole in the doughnut. Don’t worry, though, he’s still going to outscore every other player who ever was or ever will grace the EPL (two seasons only). Only top line defenses can stop him, and we haven’t seen many of them thus far.
Mark Trotsky, Woodstock, NY, USA @prayforme

(This ‘dry spell’ seems to consist of the game v Liverpool and 45 minutes against Borussia Dortmund. Good luck – Ed)


If not Manchester United, then Arsenal
All these Arsenal detractors…..I’m like what?

I’m a United fan, and I’m absolutely delighted to see Arsenal challenging and doing well. They have since Wenger joined always aspired to play entertaining football whilst not being the team that outspends everyone else (yes…unlike my team). What’s not to like?

Yes they have discovered an extra bite (Arteta histrionics, surrounded ref etc) but dammit it’s needed to win nowadays.

I also am delighted to see a club that really stuck by its manager long enough to see some rewards coming through.

I can tell you I definitely would rather see Arsenal win the title than City. Without the Gunners it would be an inevitable grind to them winning another title.
Nishul Saperia (the process is working. I hope ETH can do his a bit more quickly though!)


Arsenal are Man City’s B Team
RG ‘I know Man City fans reading this won’t like it’, sums up why football is an perfect replica of life. Masses whipped into a frenzy over a few individuals, who themselves are overpaid and overvalued due to the skewered values of the society, but gladly continue to feast on the largesse provided by the consumers.

I do agree with RG’s analysis though, although I’d point out that City fans probably feel the same way about Arsenal, a team that has given them less trouble than Crystal Palace on the last 5 or so years, a team they not only gave a Manager, but also two key players without any vocal objections to this deals, but instead the very best wishes. Even now, a win over United or Liverpool means way more.

Heck, Spurs have given City greater headaches in the recent past. To sum it up, Arsenal are basically City’s B team, sure you might not have the finances, but you get benefits via the players and staff we train for you before selling them to you at subsidized prices. And basically, we’re not surprised by how our subsidiary is doing, down to the style of play.
Victor, Nigeria


Don’t care about City? Really?
Isn’t it funny how all these supporters of rival clubs don’t care about City yet can’t stop f*cking talking, writing in and moaning about City! You’re convincing no-one, lads.
Mark, M32


Greg, Tampa, has obviously never watched Welcome to Wrexham. I recommend it.
Andy, Guatemala


Why object to this World Cup and not others?
I find it curious how many people are totally against this World Cup on some kind of moral grounds.

Maybe it’s over their treatment of LGBTQ people, which I agree with, but did you boycott and complain about the Russian World Cup? Russia has the same disregard for LGBTQ as Qatar and even sends them to jail too.

Maybe you disagree on the grounds of how workers were exploited and money siphoned into private pockets instead of regenerating local community instead. In which case I hope you protested and boycotted the Brasil World Cup, the South African World Cup because they both had those problems. The Brasilian World Cup actually flew in workers from other countries because they would work for even less than Brasilian people and let me tell you Brasilians are a very under paid and over exploited people by businesses.

Personally I won’t be watching the World Cup, not on social grounds I just think international football is shit. It could be in Anfield and I’d still not watch it. But it even if I did value the turgid, slow bumbling football of international level – I wouldn’t watch the World Cup because I disagree with how little vetting and regulation fifa do of its hosts. They should have measures in place which says – want a World Cup well you will need to make sure any jobs go locally and not to flown in migrants, you will also need to respect all the different cultures and social norms of other countries too – even if it’s against your religious beliefs. That’s the price of a World Cup…you become less archaic and are dragged into the 21st century.

Don’t want to let gay people kiss in public? Don’t have a World Cup then.

Don’t want to let women walk around independent of men? Don’t have a World Cup. Sorry, your culture just isn’t ready. Apply again when you’ve realised nobody should be maligned based on who they fall in love with or what ancient book of fairy stories you believe in. Also if journalists criticise the government – let it go. Stop being a massive baby and accept people are allowed to criticise, I’m sure you’ll cry yourself to sleep in your palace.


…The more this handwringing about the Qatari sportswashing World Cup continues, the more it frustrates me.

Let’s be brutally honest, the reason this WC is lacking the hype is that it’s over Winter. It’s not the sportswashing. It’s a shame, but most people don’t really want to engage with it. And people like to throw mud back because no country’s history is spotless, as though that’s somehow an excuse.

No matter the outpouring of bile and tears, it’s still going to go ahead, it will still be watched by people avoiding their families over holiday season. We know that it shouldn’t have gone ahead, shouldn’t have required not just the bending of a historic tournament to take place in the wrong time of year, but also the mental agility to pretend it’s all ok. If there was ever any doubt, it should dismiss any question that FIFA is fundamentally more bothered about money than soul.

No matter how you feel about the bungs and the deaths that allowed Qatar to get such an unwarranted honour, they wanted the spotlight, and now they have it. So the best solution is not tears or avoidance, but is to shine that spotlight as bright as possible and expose the reality there. Don’t forbid coverage, that’s going to happen regardless and is as pointless as pouring milk out at Harrods. Instead focus the attention, expose the lies, highlight the intolerance. It’s not as though they’re going to ban the BBC or Sky. Ramp it up and make them sweat.

They wanted the attention, so instead of wringing your hands, jump to action and give them far more than they bargained for and maybe force FIFA to acknowledge the deaths they supported. Maybe we can get Southgate and the wokes to do an unofficial minute’s silence for those who died to make the tournament happen. Now that would get far more attention than any calls to not watch it.


…Aside from the bad boys of Russia hosting the last World Cup, in 1978 there was a military junta ongoing in Argentina (estimations of as many as 30K either killed or disappeared), while the 1982 World Cup came just after Franco’s reign of terror (he of forced labour, concentration camps etc.)

I’d hazard a guess that the human rights records weren’t squeaky clean during the construction of venues in 2010 and 2014 either.

All this virtue signalling will blow over about ten minutes into England’s first group game. And I don’t know about anyone else, but if I was travelling to a country with a reputation for heavy-handedness, I’d be keeping a low profile.
Brian, Wexford


…So the Qatar World Cup is around the corner and the Europe and the West want to paint it black, do not get me wrong I believe that Qatar should get all the backlash it is getting if it has committed any wrong doings and it is deserved, but what is surprising is that the West want to pretend as if they are not as bad if not worse.

Maybe you need to be reminded with all the atrocities that your ancestors have caused to Africa and the rest of the world and the fact that you still feel superior that you want to impose your beliefs on other countries and call them backwards and inhuman if they do not share the same beliefs as you, and not so long ago the British empire was under scrutiny in the way it handled the first member of the royal family of color but you want to pretend as if it never happened but if it was from other countries am sure that would have been the headline. So us as Africans we have learnt to separate politics from football movies and everything and enjoy the beautiful game for what it is.
Lubingu Ndeke

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