Erin And Ben Napier Just Invented a "Super Island" and Fans Are Losing It

erin and ben in the glamorous living space at the thrower residence on reveal day
The Napiers' "Super Island" Has Fans ObsessedCourtesy of HGTV

Ben and Erin Napier's latest Home Town project is a major hit with fans. The Laurel, Mississippi, home features a kitchen with a massive island and a charming tile backsplash—and fans can't stop gushing over the project.

Erin shared photos of the home's dining room, living room, and kitchen on Instagram. For the kitchen, Ben built a "super island" made of oak that stretches 10 feet long and 40 inches wide. It has a stone countertop, open shelving, drawers, and outlets built into it. There's custom storage for everything an avid cook needs, including cutting boards, rolling pins, wooden mallets, and spices. "This is something I have wanted to build for a long time," Ben said during episode 14 of season eight.

Since the homeowners are Italian, Erin worked with artist Bekye Fargason to create Italian-inspired, hand-painted tiles for the kitchen backsplash in four different patterns. Erin mixed the patterned tiles with plain tiles to create a backsplash that resembles broken pieces of pottery. "I wanted it to look like we imported [the tiles] from Italy and [they're] antique, but that would cost a million dollars," Erin quipped during the episode. "And we don't have a million dollars, but we have Bekye."

Fans rushed to the comments section of Erin's Instagram post to declare how much they love the kitchen island and backsplash. One fan wrote, "It's a hard choice for my favorite between the super island and those hand-painted tiles!"

"I'm not a huge fan of Tuscan design like we had in the '90s, but I love this updated version," another commented. "The hand-painted tiles that were worn down, the absolutely gorgeous old world island, the built-in bookshelves with the arch. Just lovely."

Another added, "That island is EVERYTHING (literally and figuratively) LOVE the spice holder on the top."

One fan suggested that Ben make more kitchen islands. "I think Ben should patent that design and sell millions of them," they wrote. "I'm so in love. By far the BEST thing Ben has ever built, and he has made some incredible furniture on this show."

Even Erin agrees. "That island is the best thing that's ever come out of the woodshop," she said during the episode.

It'll be hard to top the incredible work Ben and Erin did on this project, but we're confident they'll continue to surprise and delight!

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