Erica Chan denies flash marriage

29 Sep - Erica Chan has finally addressed rumours that she has tied the knot with her wealthy boyfriend Calvin after only months of dating.

As reported on Mingpao, tabloids earlier claimed that the 27-year-old had a flash marriage with her boyfriend and that a banquet will be held on 1 October at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Shenzhen.

After not responding to the media regarding the rumours, Erica finally posted a message on Instagram, writing, "Thank you so much for everyone's concern for me. Yes, I am planning to get married. I plan to take my time. After the wedding, I will share this happy event with you."

The actress also denied that she had a flash wedding, and that they had been planning it for a while now.

"My other half is an outsider, so I wanted to keep low profile. I hope that everyone understands and give us some space. I promise to post and share the joy with you," she added.

Sources claimed that Erica started dating Calvin back in March, and that the man is supposedly from a prominent family living in Shanghai.

That's not her wedding bouquet
That's not her wedding bouquet

(Photo Source: Erica Chan IG)