Eric Tsang cops flak yet again after photo with ex-TVB actresses

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 1 — Hong Kong veteran entertainer Eric Tsang is again being criticised for his friendly demeanour towards the fairer sex.

Social media users took offence at a photo showing the 69-year-old with former TVB actresses Janet Chow, 39, and Sherming Yiu, 49.

In the photo, which was shared by Yiu, Tsang had his arms around both women and his face pressed against Chow's cheek.

Chow is the wife of actor Timmy Hung, eldest son of martial art actor Sammo.

Social media users claimed it was inappropriate for Chow and Tsang to be so close as she is a married woman.

One user described Tsang as a salted pork knuckle, an euphemism to describe a man who gropes women. Meanwhile, another said pretty women should stay away from him, 8days reported.

Another user questioned the women for wanting to take a picture with Tsang, describing him as a horrible man.

In October, Tsang, who is also Hong Kong broadcaster TVB general manager, gave a peck on the cheek of a Malaysian model during her birthday celebration although he does not know the model personally.

He later said he was just being polite for kissing the model on the face.