Eric Tsang clarifies rumours about his TVB work

Heidi Hsia
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20 Mar - Eric Tsang recently had to clarify several rumours that popped up revolving his work as the new TVB Deputy Manager of Variety and Infotainment.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared at the press conference announcing the return of the singing competition "Stars Academy", was asked about rumours that he is trying to get Steven Ma to help with the establishment of a TVB training academy, and that he supposedly will cancel the long-running music show, "Cantopop at 50".

To the first rumour, Eric stated that he didn't know about it at all.

"There have been a lot of rumours since I started my work. Some of it I haven't even heard. But it's all good things and it creates more news and topics for everybody," he said.

Eric Tsang (middle) at the recent press conference
Eric Tsang (middle) at the recent press conference

As for "Cantopop at 50" being cancelled, Eric said that the show will be returning to air at the end of the year.

"It's a show that has more than 160 episodes, with a lot of songs being covered. But [host] Nancy [Sit] wanted to take a rest. Many people watched the show, so yes, it will return. I hope that it will have a new look before coming back," he explained.

On the other hand, the actor laughed when asked what tasks he has given his new Chief Creative Officer Wong Cho Lam, and joked that the comedian's first duty is to get a company ID so that he could pass the main gate.

"Cho Lam has many ideas and there will be several new projects from him. The first one will be broadcast in April," he added, though mum about the details.

(Photo Source: Mingpao, HK01)