Eric Kripke on How Gen V Will Address Chance Perdomo’s Absence — Plus, How The Boys’ Return Sets Up Season 2

Gen V executive producer Eric Kripke is opening up further about how the Boys spinoff will explain Andre’s absence during Season 2 following his portrayer Chance Perdomo’s death.

Perdomo passed away in late March 2024 as a result of a motorcycle accident. On May 5, the producers of Gen V released a statement that they would not be recasting the actor’s character and were instead opting to take “the time and space to recraft our Season 2 storylines as we begin production in May.”

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Now three weeks into filming on the upcoming season, Kripke tells TVLine that Perdomo’s supe will have also passed away on screen.

“First, it’s just so unbelievably tragic, and my heart goes out to his family,” Kripke says in the above video. “We’re not trying to replace him because we can’t. We’re playing the character’s death on the show. So it’s very heavy and it’s really emotionally difficult for the cast. And we’re just trying to honor Chance as best we can.”

Speaking to TVLine at the inaugural Gotham TV Awards on June 4, where Gen V was nominated for Breakthrough Comedy Series and Jaz Sinclair (aka Marie) was nominated for Outstanding Performance in a Comedy Series, Kripke was also excited for viewers to see what the show has in store for its sophomore run.

“It’s really intense. It’s fun to sort of find your legs in the second season of a show and really start digging into the story and the characters,” Kripke shares.

The EP was hesitant to tease where the new season picks up after last November’s finale cliffhanger, which found Marie, Jordan, Andre and Emma trapped in a room with no doors, because it would spoil the mothership series. Much like Gen V’s finale set up the upcoming fourth season of The Boys (premiering June 13) with Butcher’s discovery of the supe-killing virus, the spinoff’s return “is tied into the finale of The Boys Season 4. That will lead right into Gen V,” Kripke reveals.

One thing Kripke can preview is the introduction of Godolkin University’s new Dean, Cipher (played by Hamish Linklater). According to the official description, the character is “trained as a scientist, he’s politically brilliant, and has the trust and admiration of officials at the highest level.”

“He’s really scary,” Kripke teases, adding, “I’ve wanted to work with [Hamish] forever. He was so unbelievable in [Midnight Mass]. He’s a very complicated, mysterious character. I’m excited for people to see him.”

Gen V fans, hit the comments with your hopes for Season 2!

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