Eric André says Chet Hanks engaged in ‘dangerous’ behaviour on talk show

Eric André claimed he and his show’s crew were “broken down” by guest star Chet Hanks.

The 39-year-old comic hosts The Eric André Show, an absurdist sketch programme that parodies late-night talk shows. The Adult Swim series features cameos from celebrities and celebrity impersonators, interspersed with chaotic man-on-the-street type segments.

Speaking with Rolling Stone about the show’s forthcoming sixth season – debuting on 4 June – and the celebrity guests fans can expect, André recalled the day he brought on Hanks, the son of Hollywood icons Tom and Rita Hanks.

“He broke our crew,” the comedian remembered of Hanks, referring to him as a “tough cookie”.

Andre said Hanks rode a motorcycle around, almost knocking “a bunch of grips and gaffers off their ladders. It was very dangerous”.

“He tried to prank us back, but we edited [it out].”

Chet, Rita and Tom Hanks (Getty Images)
Chet, Rita and Tom Hanks (Getty Images)

The Independent has contacted Hanks’s representative for comment.

In addition to 32-year-old Hanks, Tom and Rita also share Colin, 45, Elizabeth, 40, and Truman, 27.

Hanks has struggled with substance abuse in the past, entering rehab several times and finally getting sober in 2018.

During an interview in November 2022, he revealed his parents sent him to a wilderness programme for “troubled teens” amid his battle with substance abuse.

Hanks generated citicism in 2021 for a number of outlandish statements, including saying that the world would experience a “white boy summer” that year.