Environmental Activists Hop Barriers Outside Downing Street

Environmental activists hopped security barriers outside Downing Street in London on November 1, prompting police to intervene as they approached the security gates near the UK prime minister’s residence.

Footage recorded by Just Stop Oil shows several protesters in hi-vis vests hopping the barriers, with later footage showing several being dragged away by police.

Just Stop Oil said 22 protesters were involved in the action, which marked 32 days of London-wide protests.

The Metropolitan Police tweeted that they were “aware of protesters in Whitehall/Downing Street and are on the scene and dealing.” Credit: Just Stop Oil via Storyful

Video transcript


- We did not elect this prime minister. We're nonviolent. We need to just stop oil and [INAUDIBLE] to renewable energy now. Rishi Sunak is not our prime minister. He was appointed, not elected.

- Make way. Make way. Make way.

- He does not represent British people. He does not--

- [INAUDIBLE] back, please.

- Come back. Come back. Come back, please.

- He won't listen. We're nonviolent. There's no other option. It's life or death. And that's not even an consideration.

The UN and IPCC report cam out-- came out last weekend. Rishi Sunak is not even going to go to COP27. This is--

- Please keep coming because we've a vehicle that's here.

- --we don't have any other option than to act now.

- Thank you very much.

- Stay off the road. Pop up.

- This car's [INAUDIBLE].