'Ip Man' star vs Ip Man student: Donnie Yen faces off against Bruce Lee in resurfaced animated short

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Action movie star Donnie Yen battles against iconic martial artist and actor Bruce Lee in a three-minute animated video going viral over eight years after its original debut.

Donnie Yen vs. Bruce Lee: The 2013 3D animated short film “A Warrior's Dream” recently went viral when Yen shared it on his official Instagram account on Nov. 19.

  • “Has anyone seen this? DY vs BL, BL vs Ip Man 😆💪,” Yen captioned his post.

  • The computer-generated film, directed by Jin Li, presents Yen training in a gym as four fighters appear to attack him. Yen showcases his martial arts skills in defeating them.

  • Lee then appears to challenge him in a match. The two masters go head-to-head until Lee disappears mid-air, revealing that he was only a figment of Yen’s imagination.

  • According to official summaries of the short, Yen realizes that “the mightiest opponent is himself.” The short film ends with a close-up of Lee’s calligraphy of his famous “Walk On” quote.

  • The video was uploaded a little over a week before Lee’s birthday on Nov. 27.

  • Yen is famous for his leading role in the “Ip Man” film series, wherein he plays the titular Wing Chun founder who was Lee’s early martial arts teacher.

Yen is set to star in Keanu Reeves’ “John Wick: Chapter 4” film, which will be released on May 27, 2022.

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