This enterprising Starfield fan is building the best Star Wars and Halo ships, starting with the Millennium Falcon

 Starfield trailer cockpit
Starfield trailer cockpit

Starfield fans are wasting no time bringing some of the sci-fi genre’s oldest and most beloved ships to Bethesda’s new space RPG.

At the time of writing, one fan called SpectreX Gaming is leading the way on Starfield ship customization. As you can see in the TikTok below, they’ve already recreated Star Wars’ most iconic ship, the Millennium Falcon. Not only does the outside look bang on, but the interiors look familiar, too. For a bit of extra joy, you can even see it jet through space and engage in combat – another sight that’ll likely bring back memories of the movies.

The best part is that it’s not the only ship SpectreX has created. Most fans will recognize the mini Star Destroyer in another of the content creator’s TikToks, whereas the fully operational Razer Crest will surely delight fans of The Mandalorian. Not only do both ships look the part on the outside, but just like the Millennium Falcon, the inside appears pretty bang on – aside from the absence of Baby Yoda, naturally.

If you’re looking for something beyond the scope of Star Wars, the content creator has also created a Pelican ship that’s a pretty common sight in the Halo games. As with the Star Wars ships, plenty of attention has also been paid to the interiors.

We’ve yet to spot the USS Enterprise from Star Trek, though SpectreX Gaming might sort us out with that sooner rather than later if their TikTok is evidence of anything.

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