Enshrouded celebrates 1 million players just 4 days after its Early Access launch on Steam

 Enshrouded combat.
Enshrouded combat.

What you need to know

  • Enshrouded is the most recent release from former Portal Knights developers, Keen Games.

  • Released into Early Access, Enshrouded blends souls-like high fantasy with survival action RPG gameplay.

  • Keen Games has shared that Enshrouded has reached the 1 million players milestone just 4 days after its release to Early Access.

There's no denying that Palworld has had the gaming world in a vice grip as of late, but it is not the only survival action game dominating wish lists. Keen Games recently released their latest survival title, Enshrouded, into Early Access on Steam. Since that launch, over 1 million players have become Flameborn warriors in Enshrouded's fantastical world of Embervale. Developers from Keen Games released a statement thanking players for the milestone and committing to future support of Enshrouded.

In just four days, Enshrouded has attracted over a million players. We are completely blown away by its success and the overwhelmingly positive reception. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank all our players. We're excited to let you know that this is just the beginning for Enshrouded. We are looking forward to continuing the development of the game with your support, aiming to make Enshrouded the best game it can be. Once again, a heartfelt thank you to everyone!

Enshrouded | $30 $27 on Steam

Awaken, Flameborn, and step into the world of Embervale. The sprawling high-fantasy world is covered with a daunting fog called the Shroud. Save the kingdom from grueling, souls-like bosses while surviving the Shroud and building your own glorious cities alone or with up to 16 other players.View Deal

Enshrouded has captured a segment of the survival gaming fanbase that appreciates the base-building side of things. The game offers players the freedom to completely change the landscape via terraforming, allowing for everything from tiny hobbit homes to massive, sprawling cities to be built by the players. An earlier demo of Enshrouded during Steam Next Fest led to the game being the most wish-listed title from the event and the demo with the highest number of concurrent players.

This has since translated to player engagement and sales of Enshrouded, which is currently discounted to 10% to celebrate the game's launch into Early Access. Despite Palworld's absolute domination of the news cycle, Enshrouded has certainly not struggled to find its footing in the survival genre. The game is currently the #1 trending title and is the eighth most played game on SteamDB at the time of writing this, just below Grand Theft Auto V and just ahead of Apex Legends. It has also reached 160,405 players at its peak and enjoys a Very Positive rating on Steam with over 13,000 reviews.

Enshrouded is currently only available on Steam via Early Access, though Keen Games has said there are plans for PlayStation and Xbox ports at a later date.