Enjoy This ‘Hawkeye’ Themed Yule Log From Marvel Studios (Video)

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Marvel Studios is feeling very festive today, as the company dropped a “Hawkeye” themed Yule Log for Christmas Eve.

“Grab some hot cocoa and cuddle up by the fireplace at #KateBishop’s inspired NYC apartment!” Marvel Studios tweeted from their Twitter account

The show just premiered its season finale on Wednesday.

This isn’t, precisely speaking, the same as a post-credits scene but we’re into it nevertheless. But if you’re wondering if “Hawkeye” Episode 6 has a credits scene, the answer is yes — though it’s slightly different from previous stingers.

Instead of teasing some future project or announcing a sequel series (seriously, get On that, Marvel), the mid-credits scene is the full length version of the musical number from the “Rogers: The Musical” Broadway show that was briefly glimpsed in the first episode of the series. You know, the in-universe Broadway adaptation of the events from the Battle of New York set to a song called “I Can Do This All Day.”

Honestly, our only complaint about it is that they didn’t produce an actual, full length “Rogers” musical and air that as a Disney+ special by itself. Cowards. Yes, we said it. If Marvel doesn’t like being called cowards, they can simply do the right thing and produce a full length version of “Rogers,” the musical and then air it as a Disney+ special.

OK, we’re kidding, we’re kidding, we swear. But honestly, we would watch that about 500 times.

We still don’t know if there will be a “Hawkeye” Season 2, but at least one spinoff has been confirmed. It was announced in November that Alaqua Cox will lead her own Disney+ series, “Echo,” focusing on her character Maya Lopez.