English Woman Fined Thousands of Pounds After 'Student Birthday Party' Raid

A woman was issued a fine of £10,000 (about USD$13,500) for hosting a house party in violation of COVID restrictions in Ormskirk, Lancashire, on January 31, Lancashire police said.

The police said they broke up the gathering in the early hours of Sunday, January 31. Officers found around 30 people in the house. Police said they believed the revelers to be students from the local university celebrating a birthday.

In the video the woman can be heard asking police: “How do you expect a 20-year-old girl to pay £10,000 for this?”

“It’s not worth £10,000,” she later told them.

In an earlier part of the video, two people tell a Lancashire Police officer that they attended the party because they were “bored” and wanted “to have fun.”

Over £17,000 (USD$23,000) worth of fines were issued following the raid, as nine other people were given £800 (about USD$1,100) fixed penalty notices, police said. Credit: Lancashire Police via Storyful