English fan leaves another hotel in Qatar as prices 'increased tenfold in the past 24 hours'

An England fan leaves another hotel in Doha, Qatar, the day before the opening of the World Cup, as the prices go through the roof. He said: "They increased tenfold in the past 24 hours". The filmer said: "A hotel worker informed me of massive price hiking, many cancellations from both sides, because of increases, and cancellations of bookings of fans who got cheap rooms booked months ago, now told their booking are not valid so the owners can maximise their profits. I also hear stories of many hotels claiming to be full, when in fact, most of them are far from full, more closer to empty". The English fan also talked to an Uber driver about expensive services in Qatar during the tournament. "From tomorrow, his prices will quadruple. He informed me this is coming from the government. I asked him if I could film his comments, and he said 'absolutely not', as he would be in serious trouble".