England's first televised murder sentencing

STORY: Jemma Mitchell murdered her 67-year-old friend Mee Kuen Chong at her home in London in June 2021, Judge Richard Marks said.

The prosecution had told the court that Mitchell then stuffed Chong's body in a suitcase. Using a hire car, she took the body some 200 miles (320 kilometres) to Devon, where it was found the next day by a woman out walking.

Chong's head had been cut off. It was not found until days later, the judge said, by which time it had decomposed enough to prevent a pathologist from determining a cause of death, though it was clear the head had been struck.

"You have shown absolutely no remorse and it appears that you are in complete denial as to what you did."

Mitchell was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 34 years. It is the first time a person convicted of murder has been sentenced on camera in an English or Welsh court.

Rules were changed earlier this year to allow sentences in Crown Courts to be broadcast, though the rest of the trial process remains off limits to cameras.