England and Wales to risk Fifa fine by wearing pro-LGBTQ+ armbands in Qatar

England and Wales currently plan to keep wearing OneLove armbands at the World Cup, as 11 federations await clarification from Fifa on the issue.

While the governing body says it will respond in “due course”, the squads that plan to wear the armband - intended to show solidarity with LGBTQ+ groups amidst punitive Qatari laws - have expressed surprise they have not yet received a response less than 48 hours before the World Cup starts, especially since questions went in weeks ago in some cases.

This has led to debate within the federations whether to wear one, especially since it risks a fine.

Some, such as France, are taking it to mean they cannot wear the armbands. Others believe the lack of response so far means they can wear them without punishment.

Players from the Wales and England squads are nevertheless insistent they should wear them.