Engineer constructs heat-resistant building without bricks in central India

An engineer named Rajesh Mishra, constructed a heat-resistant building without bricks in central India's Madhya Pradesh. Footage shot on March 15 in Sagar district shows several workers on the construction site. Following this, Rajesh explains the process through which the walls are constructed in a unique way to reduce temperatures. The technical expert of the district council, Jai Gupta visits the site and analyses the new and innovative method adopted by the engineer. The new method uses a layering of plaster of paris on the inner surface of the wall, a chemical thermocol seat in the middle of the four-inch reinforced concrete wall and mixing anti-temperature chemicals on the roof. The construction of walls without the use of bricks has produced positive results. Some characteristics of the new method include reduced cost, water-saving, and decreased temperatures. But the buildings built this way have recorded a heat reduction during the summer of 5-6 degrees on the second floor. The temperature was measured on two different days to confirm its effectiveness.