Engineer builds a motorbike makeshift ambulance to help COVID-19 patients in India

An engineer has turned his motorbike into a makeshift ambulance in the city of Dar, India, to help COVID-19 patients to reach the hospital. The vehicle is equipped with a trolley-like platform, a bed, an oxygen tank, and shock absorbers for a safe ride. The designer is Ajit Khan, an engineer who decided to develop this motorbike ambulance after India was hit by a second wave of COVID-19 which has caused a record number of deaths. Due to the spike in the number of infections, India has witnessed a lack of ambulances. The bike can reach hospitals faster than other means of transport. Khan believes that if every block had a motorbike like the one he has built, fewer deaths would be recorded. Kham used feasible materials, which cost him up to 337 dollars (25,000 Indian rupee). The clip was filmed on April 29.