Energetic Jaguar Enjoys Some Playtime at South American Sanctuary

A playful jaguar had some fun in her enclosure at an animal refuge in Yolosa, Bolivia, footage shared to YouTube shows.

The video, posted by Gosia Zdziechowska to her Polish Dr Dolittle channel shows rescued jaguar Mijungla enjoying some playtime with one of her keepers at La Senda Verde animal refuge.

Zdziechowska told Storyful that Mijungla was brought to La Senda Verde in December 2018, after she was found in poor health in a forest with “a head wound full of skin parasites” and skin missing from parts of her body.

“At that time, she could not walk very well, and her stomach was swollen. Even after all the trauma, she has recovered noticeably well, regained her strength and she is growing rapidly,” Zdziechowska said. Credit: Polish Dr Dolittle via Storyful

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