Endangered Komodo Dragons Hatched at San Antonio Zoo

San Antonio Zoo announced the hatching of 10 Komodo dragons on November 9, with the zoo welcoming two males, four females, and four others whose sex has not yet been determined.

Komodo dragons were downgraded from Vulnerable to Endangered in September, with fewer than 1,400 mature individuals left in the world, according to International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN).

The zoo shared footage of two of the baby dragons emerging from their eggs. The hatchings occurred between October 17 and October 27, the zoo said.

“This monumental hatching is a testament to the zoo’s persistence and commitment to conservation,” said Tim Morrow, President and CEO of San Antonio Zoo, in a press statement. “The hatchlings are thriving, and we are looking forward to watching them grow and help preserve the existence of Komodo dragons,” Morrow said. Credit: San Antonio Zoo via Storyful

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