Endangered ferrets born at zoo in Arizona

Phoenix Zoo, Arizona welcomed the birth of 21 endangered black-footed ferrets.

Videos taken by the zoo on May 21 showed the tiny 11-days-old and nine-days-old kits cuddling while nest camera footage taken on May 20 showed the little ones snuggling with mother Yoshi.

The four litters were born to mothers Mandolin, Lazuli, Ridley and Yoshi, the Phoenix Zoo said in an emailed statement.

“This is already our most successful black-footed ferret breeding season at the Johnson Conservation Center since 2016,” Dr. Tara Harris, Director of Conservation and Science at the Phoenix Zoo, said.

“Encouragingly, another three females are possibly pregnant, so we may have additional kits soon”, Harris added.

According to the zoo, for the next few months the baby black-footed ferrets will stay with their mothers and while some of them will be likely destined to be released to the wild, others will be retained for the breeding program.

Black-footed ferrets are listed as endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).